Prepare to Serve: Simple Logistics for Missionary Acres Volunteers

Are you planning a mission trip to Missionary Acres? This guide covers some simple logistics to help you better understand how to prepare for your visit. We’ll look at travel, accommodations, food, and other essentials to help make your trip successful. But first, thank you for your willingness to serve at Missionary Acres! Your time and effort will significantly bless… Read more →

The Power of Partnership: What It Means to Support a Missionary

Wondering what it really means to support a missionary? You’re in the right place! For centuries, missionaries have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel around the world. They’ve left their homes, families, and comfort zones to bring the message of hope to those who have never heard. And then after faithfully serving for decades, some of them moved to… Read more →

8 Kid-Friendly Things To Do Near Silva, Missouri

If you’re planning a missionary trip to Missionary Acres, you might wonder what else you can do while you’re in the area. Here are some of our family’s favorite things to do near Silva, Missouri. But first, let’s set the stage! What Is Missionary Acres? Missionary Acres is a retirement community for missionaries, pastors, and career Christian workers. The staff… Read more →

How to Make a Missionary Prayer Card: And Examples

Wondering about how to make a missionary prayer card or looking for missionary prayer card examples? You’re in the right spot! Since 2018 when we first went to Candidate Seminar with Baptist Mid-Missions, we’ve had to create a whopping four iterations of our missionary prayer card.  And no, most missionaries don’t go through prayer cards that quickly. But it seems… Read more →

A cover image with the words "The blessings of a Missionary Closet"

The Blessing of a Missionary Closet

Throughout our time on deputation, we were blessed numerous times by a church’s missionary closet. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, a missionary closet is simply a space at a church set aside for stocking things for missionaries to take when they come through. In some churches, this could be an actual closet. We’ve also seen shelving units added to… Read more →