Meet the Tanner Family

Hi there! We are the Tanner Family.

God called us to Missionary Acres, and we’re excited to serve Him! Right now, we’re on deputation.

Here’s a quick introduction to each member of our family:


Bryan is the leader of the Tanner Tribe. In addition to calling Pastors and preparing for Deputation meetings, he’s currently working as a Service Writer for a local auto repair shop.


Lisa left a teaching career to homeschool the blessings God has given the family. She’s also a freelance writer and virtual assistant, and knows a lot about juggling diapers and deadlines.

Jayme (17)

Our oldest blessing, Jayme is a junior in high school. She is currently exploring post high-school options, excited to further her study of graphic design. She loves drawing, reading, and working on the computer.

Owen (12)

God made Owen a little different than many people. He’s missing a portion of his 15th chromosome, which means he has Angelman Syndrome. Though Owen learned to walk at age 7, he doesn’t have the balance or endurance he needs to stay up-right for long periods of time. When we’re out and about, you’ll find him in his wheelchair. Owen is nonverbal, so you’ll get a big grin but not a “Hello.”

Jeffrey  (10)

Jeffrey is a hard worker who has a keen eye for noticing what needs to be done. He loves building with LEGOs, playing board games, and putting together puzzles.

Ellie (9)

Ellie is creative. She loves crafts, coloring, and knitting hats. And beef jerky. No list of Ellie’s favorites would be complete without mentioning that!

Sydney (7)

Sydney loves helping people. She has a heart for others and is kind to everyone she meets. Sydney loves playing outside with the family, blowing bubbles, and drawing.

Simon (5)

Simon has lots of energy to run off each day. He enjoys playing active games, listening to stories, and driving toy cars all over the place.

Brynna (4)

Brynna loves books. She enjoys listening to stories and drawing her own pictures to go with them. She loves to color and often creates things to share with her friends.

Bryson (2)

Bryson’s current hobbies include trying to keep up with his older siblings, coloring on things he shouldn’t, and eating. He’s also good at snuggling. He loves to cuddle!

Tyler (0)

Tyler joined the family in October of 2018. We praise the Lord for his safe arrival! He currently enjoys being held and getting lots of snuggles from his brothers and sisters.