What Is Missionary Acres?

Nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, near Silva, Missouri, is a unique piece of land. Owned by Baptist Mid-Missions since 1962, these acres provide affordable housing and ministry opportunities for those who dedicated their lives to serving God.

Retired missionaries, pastors, and career Christian workers all call Missionary Acres home.

A wooden bench in a tree lined park at Missionary Acres that reads "Ye Shall Find Rest."

The vision for a caring independent living retirement community began with Pastor Charles Emerson. He and his family purchased over sixty acres of land in Wayne County, Missouri. There, they built a chapel and began the ministry.

But, health problems kept Brother Emerson from seeing his vision through to completion. Not wanting to give up on it, he graciously donated the land to Baptist Mid-Missions in 1962.

Baptist Mid-Missions continued developing the property, with the goal of bringing Brother Emerson’s vision to life.

Continuing the Vision

Today, Missionary Acres provides affordable housing for respected heroes of the faith. People who have given their lives to serving God can find rest and community here.

In order to keep the costs to the residents as low as possible, the staff at Missionary Acres is all supported by churches and individuals. This giving allows the staff to meet the needs of the residents and maintain the beautiful acres.

Independent, Community Living

An independent living community, the residents at the acres come and go as they please. They travel and serve the Lord as they are able, and know that their home will be safe and secure when they return.
Missionary Acres provides a family like environment. There’s plenty of fellowship among the staff and residents alike. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by those who served God faithfully!
Evangel Baptist Church is on-site. This is the church ministry of the staff and many of the residents. The church has a heart for outreach, and continually seeks to bring the life-changing power of the Gospel to the local residents of Wayne County, Missouri. There’s an active youth ministry, and many opportunities for service.
Evangel Baptist Church is on-site at Missionary Acres.
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