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5 Recommended Books for Missionaries

Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM) is our mission board. When we went to Candidate Seminar, we learned so much. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes for every missionary on deputation. At Candidate Seminar, we were also given homework. One assignment was to read a selection of books about missions. We were asked to read these books for missionaries before… Read more →

Deputation Life During a Pandemic

Just when we thought we were finding a groove on deputation, life changed completely. And though deputation during a pandemic doesn’t look anything like normal deputation, we are learning that we can still trust God to see us through it. That’s because even in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, God is still on the throne. This didn’t catch Him… Read more →

10 FAQs About Deputation

People have a lot of questions about deputation, and about our ministry to Missionary Acres in general. So, we thought it’d be helpful to compile a list of FAQs about deputation and answer them for you here. Here are the questions we’ll be looking at today: What is deputation? Why are you on deputation? Why aren’t you at Missionary Acres… Read more →

10 Important Truths About Traveling with Kids on Deputation

Prior to beginning deputation, our family didn’t travel very often. We took some fun day trips occasionally, but really didn’t have a lot of experience with long drives, overnight stays, or traveling with kids. Now that we’re traveling to different churches to present our ministry to Missionary Acres, we’ve learned some important truths about spending more time on the road.… Read more →