Support Bryan & Lisa Tanner

We can’t get to Missionary Acres alone. First and foremost, we need your prayers! Please pray for us as we travel on deputation, and present the ministry of Missionary Acres.

We also would love for you to consider joining our team financially. In order to keep costs for the residents low, all staff members are missionaries who raise their support.

We are truly blessed and humbled by those who God leads to partner with us. Your financial support is helping us serve the respected heroes of the faith at Missionary Acres. You are an essential part of the ministry!

All gifts given to use for ministry purposes go through the Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation. They are tax-deductible.

Individuals and churches interested in joining our monthly support team need to contact Baptist Mid-Missions and inform them of your intentions. There are options to give monthly, quarterly, annually, or on a one-time basis.

You can print out the form below, fill it out, and send it on to Baptist Mid-Missions. Our ministry number is 706472.

You can now give online!

If you would prefer to join our financial team using an online portal, Baptist Mid-Missions had made it easier. You can now donate via the Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation Giving Page. 

Please note that you can make a one-time donation of any amount, or set up a recurring donation.

Please follow this link: Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation Giving Page

Please note that there is a processing fee for donations given through the online portal, or set up with recurring electronic transactions. To avoid this fee, please use the support form and send in a check or money order noting our ministry number of 706472 in the note section of your donation.

Thank you for choosing to support our ministry. We cannot do this without you!

How Is the Support Used?

Bryan and Lisa worked with Baptist Mid-Missions to set the level of support needed each month. This is based on our family and ministry needs.

This support includes both personal and ministry expenses. The personal expenses include things such as food, housing, utilities, homeschooling supplies for our children, clothing, and personal vehicle expenses.

Ministry expenses include group insurance through Baptist Mid-Missions, donor communication materials, work funds, and missionary services provided by Baptist Mid-Missions.

When we reach 100% of our support, we will be able to move to Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri, and begin our ministry there.