5 Reasons to Take a Short-Term Mission Trip to Missionary Acres

Are you interested in taking a short-term mission trip to serve God? Have you considered coming to Missionary Acres?  Individuals, families, and church mission teams help to make the work at Missionary Acres possible. They are at the heart of the ministry. For instance, over the summer and fall of 2020, volunteer groups to Missionary Acres: Built a shed for… Read more →

Homeschooling on Deputation

When you’re on deputation, school for the kids becomes a bit of a challenge. With trips taking you all around the country, your kids would miss too much school to stay enrolled in a traditional option. To avoid truancy problems, and increase flexibility, homeschooling on deputation becomes a great option. We’ve been homeschooling for many years, so we didn’t have… Read more →

5 Recommended Books for Missionaries

Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM) is our mission board. When we went to Candidate Seminar, we learned so much. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes for every missionary on deputation. At Candidate Seminar, we were also given homework. One assignment was to read a selection of books about missions. We were asked to read these books for missionaries before… Read more →